Love Has No Boundaries

I had the privilege to do wedding decor and planning for an older couple. It was a beautiful process bringing the wedding to life. The theme was gold romantic with the colors gold and purple.

Enjoy the pictures

This was the church aisle: white tulle, purple and white altar flowers.
Floral: white and purple roses and mums with black draping and crystals.
Can I get a witness?
We can make magic with any space you give us. This was the entrance for the reception which was a hall.
Gold chavari seats with white table cloths, on the tables a gold centerpiece with purple and white flowers.
There was also fairy lights that bring a different ambiance to the hall, it was beautiful once the darkness came by the time for the reception.
This hall fit about 400 guests that the couple invited.
The detailed high table decor

Thank you, Let us know which picture you loved most.

Love Knows No Boundaries

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